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Ethics Case : Dealing with Unlicensed Real Estate Individual

ETHICS CASE : Here's a recent incident involving a Licensed Real Estate Broker that was deprived of a legitimate brokerage deal due to unethical issues by an unlicensed Individual who happens to be a foreigner too and a Property Owner who just wanted to sell the Corporation's Property. Mr. Local Broker ( A ) has an online advertisement for a prime commercial property located in a fast booming...

Ethics Case – Modus Operandi to be Aware Of

Here's a blog on 10 most popular Unethical Practices by Real Estate Practitioners ( licensed or not - if unlicensed, kindly keep track of their names )  for everyone's reference : Re Unethical practitioners, here's a partial list of the "modus operandi" currently happening in our Industry. These Unethical individuals are not confined to a specific location but are operating all over.  Take...

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