pre-nuptial agreement

Pre-Nuptial Agreement – FAQs

hello everyone, Here's a touchy subject on "Pre-Nuptial Agreement" that's better to be aware of than not.  As always, this blog was created due to a recent case i came across with wherein a couple had to go through an unfortunate situation over financial and material assets. There are many misconceptions about pre-nups, such as it only takes effect when you get separated, or it only benefits the...

Speaker Alvarez moves to amend “Conjugal Assets” Sharing

Here's an article from re " Amendment of Conjugal Assets ", filed by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez : House of Representatives Alvarez moves to amend "Conjugal Assets" Sharing Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez has filed a bill to prevent bitter property feud between estranged couples. It may even deter marriage for money. In filing House Bill No. 5268, Alvarez seeks to amend...

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