phiippine real estate law

Ethics – Beware of Unethical Practices

ETHICS : I just came back from an out of town trip for some business and at the same time, educate myself on how the foreign market is doing in comparison to the Philippines Real Estate Market ( will blog soon).  During my travels, i continuously receive sms, email or  facebook messages regarding several issues ( real estate or other issues ) and one that really got to me is how unethical practice...

Prudent Procedure for Final Payment on a Purchase of Real Property

Prudent Procedure for  Final Payment on a Purchase of Real Property : Recently, an associate related a stressful transaction they encountered and all could have been avoided if this procedure was followed.  As we all know, when selling a real property, be it a condominium, house and lot, office space, warehouse, or residential lot, the taxes that need to paid on the sale is something that both parties...

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