lis pendens

How to Cancel Lis Pendens Case

Hello everyone, Just to update you on my friend's lis pendens case which is under going research and litigation by both parties.  In my search for information i came across this article which may shed some light to some who may need this info.  w How to cancel a notice of lis pendens? Or a notice of lis pendens annotated on the a landtitle? Ordinarily a notice of lis pendens which has...


Here's an initial article about "Lis Pendens" for your reference.  I will add on to this post  to keep you posted on any development of my friend's case to cancel this nuisance action by a relative who is after the property.   Take note that there are specific requirements needed by the Register of Deeds to annotate a Lis Pendens on a title, however, there are irregularities still being practiced by...

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