During heavy rains, EDSA floods and stalls Traffic

With the rainy season finally here, here's an article from GMA News Correspondent, Brenda Barrientos - Vallarta worth reading ...... this global warming is just getting worse as you can see other countries experiencing floods they've never had before ..... During heavy rain, EDSA floods at nine points where traffic stalls With daily traffic of more than 300,000 vehicles, traffic crawls...

Flooding – What’s the Cause ?

Flooding: What's the Cause ? It's time we see our vulnerability to natural calamities as a system of contributing factors. Thousands of Filipino lives have been lost and millions of pesos in property damage sustained as a result of disasters caused by weather disturbances common in the region.  Dollars are also lost as exports too are affected. Much of what contributes to the devastation is the...

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