ethics case by robert g sarmiento

ETHICS – Professional Fees Refund

ETHICS CASE : Here's another issue that was brought up to me by another practitioner formerly working for a leading real estate developer and now into real estate brokerage with another firm.  Take note there are certain advantages working for a developer such as getting discipline, installing productive work habits, professional affiliation, etc .. but as they say, there are always two sides to think...

Ethics Case – Property Sourcing

ETHICS CASE :  Sometime ago, I dealt with a seasoned broker whom I've closed several deals with in the past,  However, we know that we human beings come in various ways ( character, looks, business practice, etc.. just the way we were created, change is possible though ) this broker is one who is very protective of his property listings.  On the other hand, I am one who is more flexible and would...

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