Taal, Batangas – a Heritage Landmark

last sunday, i was invited to give a talk about ” effective selling skills” for a friend who is currently developing a house and lot  project called “villas del pueblo” in taal, batangas, a town considered by National Historical Institute as a Heritage Landmark.

after the short talk, i was then given a tour of the town and what follows are photos i took of this historical place.   if you haven’t been to taal, batangas, it’s a site worth visiting as there’s just so much history this place has that you probably didn’t know.

we saw the renowned Basilica of St. Martins of Tours – the biggest church in the orient. The Basilica was dedicated to the town’s patron saint, St. Martin of Tours.  It was built in 1755 but was rebuilt a century later after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1849.   we then walked to the Escuela Pia which was just a few steps from the church.  it was once used to educate the children of the upper-class of the town but now serves as a multi-purpose hall.

Just a few blocks from this old house is The White House – the home of Gregorio and Mariquita Villavicencio Agoncillo. We also visited the Victorian-era Villavicencio Ancestral House, owned by Eulalio and Gliceria Marella Villavicencio ( photos to follow in another blog ).

These private mansions turned public museums are worth your visit not only for their fine woodwork and antiques but also for the opportunity to glimpse the lifestyle of the rich and famous of the olden days. They were also patrons of the revolutions who had supported heavily in the fight for the freedom of our country.

We were then served suman, bread ( was a mix of a croissant and donut) which we then mixed with a great cup of chocolate.  Of course, there’s always pasalubong given by our generous hosts ( chocolate and very delicious tapang usa ), which we enjoy every time we cook it.

as always, i had a great time taking photos and am happy to share them with you.

to view the video, click on the link below :





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