Solardome Simulators

Wales - Bangor - Climate change Solardome  simulators

here’s an experiment done 20 years ago on the effects of climate change and its effects on plant life …… got this article on line and it’s interesting to know how scientists have always studied and understand changes in our environment.

Climate change Solardome simulators

On a dark evening in the Welsh countryside eight ventilated hemispherical glasshouses called Solardomes have been ‘painted’ with gels and with coloured flash strobes while a torch has streaked whiter light in this scientific facility. Replicating climate change and its effects on plant-life, this experiment run by the University of Aberystwyth has run for 20 years, its research being invaluable to our understanding how rising levels of greenhouse gases (CO2) will affect photosynthesis and therefore plant food growth. By increasing the levels of such gaseous pollutants are we now more sure of how the biology in semi-natural grasslands alters. Glowing red, the Solardomes sit like futuristic houses on another planet. Surrounding hills are dark on this evening but there is still detail in the fast-fading sky.


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