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hello everyone,
for those that don’t have a facebook account, here’s some properties worth looking into.  as you may well know, there is so much inventory available ( specially condominiums ) and one has to take the time to assess whether the property is worth looking into or not.  for a deal to go through, it has to be REALISTIC in several aspects, be it a client or a property listing, take the time to assess your activity as your TIME is valuable.  below are some chosen properties worth looking into as they meet several variables i consider necessary for a DEAL to be consumated.
for your info, the above graphic image reminds me of a blog / newsletter i did back in 1997 wherein my advise to “desperate sellers” was in order to sell their property fast and reach their objective to sell as soon as possible ( some had dollar loans and the peso devalued by more that 50% ), their property had to stick out like a green apple on a bunch of red apples.  unfortunately, some didn’t take the advise and lost their property completely.  anyway, i believe most have learned their lessons from that crisis.
click on the link below to view these select properties :
thanks always and my best regards to all …..

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