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Here’s an issue that is so many Licensed Brokers / Practitioners find such a grey area to deal with and this is with regards to Property Listing. Social media has really changed how we market our property listings.

Gone are the days of Buy and Sell,, and even Manila Bulletin which commanded a lot of inquiries then thru their print ads, however, this has really changed !

One of the biggest issues most of Us face is when someone we know or unknown puts out a property listing thru SMS, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook with the exact address without our solicitation of the listing. Then they ask you to acknowledge the listing.

Firstly, I’ve come to realize that Licensed Brokers here in the Philippines are very accommodating and respect to their networks. I personally have associates that have given me listing for the past 3 years and as long as it hasn’t been sold, I still get it from them regardless if they are direct or not. This is a rare instance as it only belongs to someone we consider TRUE NETWORKS !

However, for most, it’s really an open listing ( unless EXCLUSIVITY is given to the listing Broker ) and best share only with your “trusted” ones.

The thought of Brokers ( specially if the location is something they specialize and know well of ) is that the owner is someone they know and may eventually share their property to them.

Take note that passing on a listing is just an activity one makes. One has to get the other Broker to view the property for a true acknowledgement to be made.

Acknowledgement of a listing from an associate ( valued or not ) and how long that takes all boils down to RELATIONSHIP, however, CAVEAT as people change and the temptation to do the Unethical will always be there that’s is why we have to continue our advocacy on ETHICS.

My two cents worth.

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