Residential Property Market Values – May 2017

market values p

Here’s an updated summary of current market values of several residential properties for everyone’s reference.   This is for everyone to be aware of so as not to be misled into unrealistic figures given by practitioners.  My company and some associates of mine still get inquiries from Buyers looking to buy at prices at 2014-2015 prices.  The market has definitely appreciated from that time.

The last update I did was as of 2015 and at that time I already mentioned that Philippine Real Estate was at an all time high.  Property values continue to consolidate at first then the property is sold and next thing we know, a new benchmark has been breached.  We’ve been waiting for a correction for the last 12 years however, due to the on going issues of the global markets, the Philippine Real Estate Market will continue to be strong and now property values in Visayas, Mindanao and outer portions of Luzon are experiencing faster growth than ever.  Take note that what prices you see on the newspapers or on line advertisements may not necessarily reflect the true market value of a property.  The figures below are based on actual transactions therefore is considered market value.

Property Values should be based on land alone and not with the structure specially if the improvement is still good as some practitioners tend to include the improvement ( whether new or old ) into the land value which is very misleading to the general public !

What is important to note is that some areas have appreciated so much in a short span of time and some areas have remained laggard or haven’t had any transaction due to a niche market thus making it difficult for proper assessment of their market values.  In addition, there has been so much development all over, so the market has been saturated with all sorts of developments ranging from residential lots, house and lot, townhouses, farm lots, leisure properties, and condominiums.

The summary below is based on the low and high side of the market and factors such location, shape of lot, orientation, motivational factor of seller are a few of the variables considered in arriving at the given figures.

I am currently working on the summary of Commercial Lot Market Values and will be out when ready.

Finally, please be advised that I am not an Real Estate Appraiser but rather a licensed Real Estate Broker and base the figures below on actual transactions from my wide range of licensed Real Estate associates specializing in the different locations.


Acropolis                                 110T/m2          140T/m2

Addition Hills                         65T/m2            90T/m2

Afphovai                                  32T/m2             40T/m2

Alabang Hills                          35T/m2            45T/m2

Alabang West                          50T/m2            65T/m2

Alta Mira, Tagaytay               12T/m2            15T/m2

Alta Vista                                  40T/m2           50Tm2

Amore Portofino                     25T/m2           35T/m2

Ayala Alabang                         75T/m2            110T/m2

Ayala Ferndale                        32T/m2           40T/m2

Ayala Greenfields                   18T/m2           22T/m2

Ayala Heights                         85T/m2            125T/m2

Ayala Hillside                         100T/m2          140T/m2

Ayala Abrio ( Nuvali )            22T/m2            28T/m2

Ayala Sonera                             50T/m2           65T/m2

Ayala Southvale                       40T/m2           55T/m2

Ayala Treveia                           17T/m2            21T/m2

Ayala Westgrove                     18T/m2           25T/m2

Bel-Air 1,3,4                            175T/m2          210T/m2

Bel-Air 2                                  145T/m2           170T/m2

Belle Reve                               10T/m2             12T/m2

Better Living                           10T/m2             12T/m2

BF Homes, QC                        20T/m2            27T/m2

BF Homes, Paranaque           20T/m2          25T/m2

Blue Ridge                              45T/m2             55T/m2

Canyon Woods                       7T/m2              12T/m2

Capitol 8                                 75T/m2            95T/m2

Capitol Homes                        35T/m2           45T/m2

Capitol Golf Hills                   75T/m2            95T/m2

Casa Milan                              22T/m2            25T/m2

Citadella, Las Pinas               12T/m2            15T/m2

Cita Italla                                10T/m2             12T/m2

Congressional Village          15T/m2              19T/m2

Corinthian Gardens              190T/m2          240T/m2

Corinthian Hills                    190T/m2           240T/m2

Dasmarinas Village              200T/m2          250T/m2

Don Antonio Royale               55T/m2           60T/m2

Dona Carmen                          12T/m2             17T/m2

Don Enrique                            25T/m2            30T/m2

Dona Juana                             20T/m2           25T/m2

Filinvest 1                                28T/m2            32T/m2

Filinvest 2                               14T/m2             18T/m2

Filinvest East                         11T/m2              16.5T/m2

Filinvest Heights                     8T/m2            12T/m2

Forbes Park                             185T/m2          250T/m2

Forest Hills                              3.5T/m2           5T/m2

Greenhills East                        150T/m2          165T/m2

Greenhills North                     150T/m2          175T/m2

Greenhills West                       155T/m2          180T/m2

Greenhills Northeast              165T/m2          185T/m2

Greenmeadows                         95T/m2           120T/m2

Greenpark                                  9.5T/m2          13T/m2

Greenview                                  15T/m2            18T/m2

Greenwoods Executive            15T/m2            17T/m2

Hacienda Sta Monica              4.5T/m2          5.5T/m2

Hillsborough                           38T/m2             50T/m2

Industrial Valley                     25T/m2             35T/m2

Ireneville                                  18T/m2             25T/m2

Jackielouville                          17T/m2              23T/m2

Kapitolyo                                  65T/m2            80T/m2

Kawilihan Village                    60T/m2           75T/m2

Lakeview Hts, Tagaytay        20T/m2            22T/m2

La Residencia                           12T/m2           15T/m2

La Vista                                      65T/m2           95T/m2

Loyola Grand Villas                 30T/m2           55T/m2

Loyola Heights                          40T/m2           60T/m2

Magallanes Village                  75T/m2            110T//m2

Mahogany Village                   90T/m2            110T/m2

Mapayapa Village 1                12T/m2             18T/m2

Marcelo Green                        15T/m2              18T/m2

Marina Baytown                     95T/m2            130T/m2

Marina Palmcoast                  85T/m2            115T/m2

Marikina Heights                   8.5T/m2           11T/m2

Mckinley Hills                        150T/m2           180T/m2

Mckinley West                       180T/m2           210T/m2

Metrogate Tagaytay                6T/m2             8T/m2

Metropoli, Libis                      85T/m2            110T/m2

Monte Vista                             28T/m2            35T/m2

Muntinational Village           15T/m2             25T/m2

New Manila                             70T/m2             95T/m2

North Susana                          12.5T/m2          15T/m2

Pacific Malayan                     32T/m2              40T/m2

Pacific Village                         35T/m2             45T/m2

Pallas Athena Exec                 7T/m2              8.5T/m2

Palm Village                            90T/m2            100T/m2

Palms Pointe                           50T/m2            65T/m2

Parkridge Estate                      4T/m2              5T/m2

Parkwood Exec                       11T/m2             15T/m2

Payatas                                     2.5T/m2           3T/m2

Peninsula de Punta Fuego   16T/m2             20T/m2

Pentagon Homes                     35T/m2           45T/m2

Philam Homes                         85T/m2            95T/m2

Portofino Heights                   28T/m2            40T/m2

Riverside Subd                         8T/m2               9.5T/m2

Riviera Golf, Silang                 4.5T/m2            7T/m2

Robinson’s Circle                    60T/m2            75T/m2

San Lorenzo                            185T/m2           200T/m2

San Miguel                              90T/m2            100T/m2

Scout Area                               68T/m2            85T/m2

Sikatuna Village                      35T/m2            45T/m2

Southbay Gardens                  35T/m2            45T/m2

Southwoods Golf                    10T/m2            15T/m2

Sta Mesa Heights                    40T/m2           55T/m2

Sta. Elena Estate                     20T/m2           22T/m2

St. Charbel Executive             35T/m2           45T/m2

St. Ignatius Village                 50T/m2            60T/m2

Stonecrest, San Pedro            11T/m2             14T/m2

Susana Heights                       14T/m2             16T/m2

Tagaytay Country Homes      7T/m2               8T/m2

Tahanan Village                      20T/m2            25T/m2

Teacher’s Village                     35T/m2            40T/m2

Teoville                                      25T/m2           35T/m2

Tierra Nueva                            25T/m2           35T/m2

Timberland                              8T/m2              10T/m2

Tierra Pura                               22T/m2            30T/m2

Tivoli Green                             30T/m2            35T/m2

Tivoli Royale                           35T/m2             40T/m2

UPS4                                        10T/m2              14T/m2

UPS 5                                        10T/m2             12T/m2

Tierra Bella                              32T/m2            40T/m2

Tierra Pura                               35T/m2           45T/m2

Urdaneta Village                     170T/m2         200T/m2

Valle Verde 1                            95T/m2           110T/m2

Valle Verde 2                          100T/m2          130T/m2

Valle Verde 3                          120T/m2           135T/m2

Valle Verde 4                          85T/m2             100T/m2

Valle Verde 5                          115T/m2           140T/m2

Valle Verde 6                          85T/m2            100T/m2

Varsity Hills                            45T/m2           52T/m2

Verdana Mamplasan            15T/m2            18T/m2

Versailles                                 32T/m2           40T/m2

Victoria Valley                        3T/m2              5T/m2

Villa Segovia                           3.5T/m2           6T/m2

Vista Real                                14T/m2            17T/m2

Wack Wack Subd                  150T/m2          165T/m2

Westborough Homes              7T/m2             8T/m2

West Triangle                          60T/m2           70T/m2

White Plains                            80T/m2           100T/m2

Wilson Circle                          80T/m2          100T/m2

Xavierville 2                            50T/m2           65T/m2

Xavierville 3                            50T/m2           65T/m2


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