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hello everyone,

this is a blog done sometime november 2013 and our new subcribers have requested for important issues they have missed, here’s one i believe all should be aware of.

thanks and a Blessed Day to All ….

hello everyone,
it’s 34 days till christmas and what a year this has been for most.  inquiries have never been so much and other lines such as industrial and office spaces have continued to grow above the normal pace we’ve seen.   
hopefully you’ve seen you’re investments appreciate specially if you’ve acquired property assets or equities within the last seven years.  as they say, strike while the iron is hot as we realize that nothing lasts forever, this “good times” may go for another 2-3 years !
below are some posts you will find useful as i only post this on my website ( ) & facebook ( global real estate ).  as always, these posts are brought about experiences we encounter which i feel we should share and that you should know as a valued client ! 
avoid terminologies BIR examiner find VATable
area of priority development
importance of technical description on title
our latest property requirements
should you have a property for sale or lease, please email or call me at my office.  
thanks always for your support and God Bless…..
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