Property Values – Residential Lots

SUMMARY OF PROPERTY VALUES IN METRO MANILA : ( please take note that i am not an appraiser and that all figures are based on actual transactions as shared by our wide network of professional licensed brokers ), other subdivisions to follow …..

Addition Hills              35T/m2           45T/m2

Alabang Hills               20T/m2           28T/m2

Ayala Alabang            40T/m2           55T/m2

Ayala Ferndale           18T/m2           25T/m2

Ayala Heights              25T/m2           32T/m2

Ayala Sonera               25T/m2           30T/m2

Ayala Southvale         23T/m2           27T/m2

Ayala Westgrove        12T/m2           17T/m2

Bel-Air 1,3,4                95T/m2           110T/m2

Bel-Air 2                        75T/m2           95T/m2

Blue Ridge                     20T/m2           32T/m2

Capitol Homes             12T/m2           16T/m2

Corinthian Gardens   75T/m2           90T/m2

Corinthian Hills           80T/m2           95T/m2

Dasmarinas Village    130T/m2         150T/m2

Forbes Park                   130T/m2         150T/m2

Greenhills                      85T/m2           100T/m2

Greenmeadows           65T/m2           85T/m2

Hillsborough               20T/m2           30T/m2

Kawilihan Village       25T/m2           35T/m2

La Vista                          22T/m2           29T/m2

Loyola Grand Villas  22T/m2           30T/m2

Loyola Heights            20T/m2           28T/m2

Mckinley Hills             80T/m2           100T/m2

New Manila                  30T/m2             40T/m2

Nuvali Abrio               18T/m2              25T/m2

Nuvali Treveia           18T/m2               23T/m2

Nuvali Montecito     14T/m2               18T/m2

Pacific Village              20T/m2           28T/m2

Portofino Heights      13T/m2           18T/m2

San Lorenzo                  85T/m2           100T/m2

San Miguel                     55T/m2           66T/m2

Scout Area                    33T/m2          45T/m2

Southbay Gardens     13T/m2           18T/m2

Tierra Bella                    11.5T/m2        15T/m2

Valle Verde 1                70T/m2           80T/m2

Valle Verde 2                80T/m2           90T/m2

Valle Verde 3                65T/m2           75T/m2

Valle Verde 4                65T/m2           75T/m2

Valle Verde 5                80T/m2           90T/m2

Valle Verde 6                70T/m2           85T/m2

Varsity Hills                  22T/m2           28T/m2

White Plains                   50T/m2           65T/m2

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