Professional Broker’s License Renewal

hello everyone,

here’s an email from an associate member of our association who just just went through renewing his Real Estate Broker’s License with the Professional Regulatory Commission.  this is for those who need to renew their licenses only and better check if you’ve got everything in order ( correct name verified with National Statistics Office, NBI Clearance, continuing education program credits, etc ), as deadline is july 29, 2011.
if you’re currently not a licensed broker and interested in becoming one, there will be an examination given in january 2012 with reviews beginning on november 2011, will advise you on any review courses then or you may check the newspapers for advertisement on these reviews.

in the meantime, please check the website : for other details you may need.

Greetings REBAP Members,

I would like to share my personal experience this morning in submitting my PRC application. For those, who are still trying to beat the deadline on July 29, 2011. Good luck! I suggest you do it even before the deadline on Friday. Filipinos love the thrill of the last minute submission. I am not a fan of it. Thus, here are simple suggestions and recommendations that will help you go through the process smoothly…

Supposing you have all the requirements ready. That is having all the CPE certificates notarized, bringing original documents with xerox, finger printing on the application form, picture with name tag, bond application, etc.

For those who has not been there before and would prefer to make things easy. And would like to finish it under an hour more or less. Then this article is for you…

Even before I made my way through. PRC  — P. Paredes St. corner Morayta St., Sampaloc Manila. I looked through several maps to exactly pinpoint its location. Here are a few landmarks to remember. PRC is nearby FEU school along Nicanor Reyes street. Thats the only thing you should remember.

Here is the quickest way to get there. I parked my car in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center. I began my transit in exactly 10:50am more or less crossed the mall to the LRT1 bought a ticket from Araneta Cubao to Recto. (Php14). Once you get off the train buy a ticket immediately from Recto to Araneta Cubao (Php14 again). This will save you time later. To get off the plank. Exit to the Northside of the Recto station. Go down and walk towards Quezon Blvd. cross the street and keep walking til you get to Nicanor Reyes Street walk down til you see FEU school. Continue walking down the street til you get to Paredes Street. Walk down the road in about a few steps you are in front of PRC.

If anyone wants to be accompanied inside I doubt the security will let you in. They only allow applicants so ‘fixers’ in the vicinity is rampant and penalized. So they avoid people loitering inside. So its mostly, just professionals in the compound. Anyways, I arrive around 11:25am more or less and finished 11:57am.

Here are the following simple steps to do supposing you have all requirements ready to be submitted and completed…

Once you enter PRC buy DST (doc stamp tax) this is located in front of the entrance. Buy only 1 for only Php21.

Go to the 3rd floor of the main bldg. Its located opposite side of where you bought your DST. Submit all documents you had completed for the PRC application. Once, they have assessed it completely they will attach a paper the size of an index card that needs to be filled up. Attach your picture (bring glue if you can so you dont need to buy), fill it up and finger print (finger print pads is located on the ground floor on the common table where everyone fills up there forms.

Proceed to the cashier. It is located on the leftside of the main bldg. Pay professional fee of Php900.

Go to window H its located in front of the main entrance nearby where you bought your DST. Here they will assess your documents and verify the time you took the REBL exam. Show also your OR that you paid the Php900 already.

Go to the main bldg of the 3rd floor from where you had submit all your documents from STEP 2. Once everything is cleared. They will cut of the ‘Registration without examination following-up slip’ then your done. Wait for 3 months more or less.

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