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I was just at the City Hall of Taguig City to process and update some documents of a property as requested by a friend.  Since i wasn’t provided a copy of their tax declaration but was given a copy of the Condominium Certificate of Title, the tax declaration copy was easily found and i was given a copy.   Of course, one must always have an “AUTHORITY TO TRANSACT” to process and request for documents when dealing with government agencies such as Register of Deeds, Bureau of Internal Revenue and Assessor’s Office.  I then requested for a statement of account for the real estate taxes for 2013 which remains unpaid to date and was also produced instantly.  I then asked for a Certified True Copy of the Tax Declaration and was told that the real estate taxes for the full year MUST be paid in order to secure a certified true copy of the tax declaration and the Tax Clearance.   Take note that this is not the same with other municipalities.  I believe that ALL municipalities must have the same procedures and guidelines !

Now that the documents have been requested, i then went to the Treasurer’s Office to request for a computation for the “CITY TAX” which is an additional tax being charged to the SELLER of the property.  Take note that if the SELLER isn’t a resident of Taguig, the tax is cheaper by almost 50%.  Fortunately, my friend lives abroad so his taxes were computed at the lower rate.  Nevertheless, this CITY TAX is a suprise expense for a lot of sellers so always take the time to do your ‘DUE DILIGENCE” before selling a property …….


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