Problem Issues 1

hello everyone,
here’s a real estate related issue which am sure someone you know has experienced, i am still in the process of getting a valid answer :
a friend’s mom passed away and left properties in her name and also has transactions pertaining to real estate mortgage which current mortgagees have left unpaid since she passed away, now several questions arise for now, the major issue is :

on one particular property, a couple mortgaged their property to her and signed an irrevocable special power of attorney for the sale of the property, the loan is past overdue, good thing is that the loan is annotated on the title, problem is the couple is now going through annulment procedure and the wife has put a lis pendens on the title, as of the last visit we did, we knocked on the door and no one answered, so we’re not sure if there’s even anyone living in the property ( most likely there is though ).
stayed tuned for an update after i meet with my lawyer.
i will be coming out with a series of problematic issues that may give light to situations you or people you know of my be in, again, i am not a lawyer, just sharing experiences i go through …. good day and God Bless….

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