PRC Filing for Real Estate Brokers

Here’s an actual experience of an associate broker from REBAP that just went through the process of filing his PRC license :

The actual PRC Filing opened only yesterday, Tuesday (August 17 2010). The in-charge-PRC-employees for Real Estate Brokers Registration has just finished sorting out our DTI Records last Monday (August 16). Two (2) verification windows handle the identical records — Window 28 of Registration Division in Main Bldg and Window H of Records Division in Annex: Customer Service Center. Not all DTI-Licensed Brokers records are present on both windows. In my case, I was directed by Window 28 to proceed to Window H to search and verify my DTI-Exam Rating. (Just an opinion, if you lost your Actual Rating Report Paper, you can have it verified on Window H. Going to DTI is like the same thing going to PRC because our DTI Records are already transferred to PRC.)

The 20-minute Registration yesterday is entirely due to (1) dedicated windows/table to Real Estate Brokers arranged by the Commission and PRB-RES; (2) Ease of Process; and, (3) the minimal turn-out of the broker-registrants. Tumagal nga lang ng konte kasi there were blank infos on my Application for Registration Without Examination Form and Permanent Examination & Registration Record Card. Admittedly, a bit excited to be among the Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Teachers, Geologists and other Professionals who are filing their licenses.

A PRC personnel asked me why it seems that of all the numerous records (they’ve shown me the boxes stacked in the room), the filers seems to come in “trickle”.

* Told the lovely lady that some of the brokers are on a wait-and-see atittude to take CPE which is a crucial requirement.

(The certificate I received from the June 2010 CPE was scrutinized, read over-and-over, and finally asked for submission — mind you not the xeroxed copy but the Original Certificate.

Here are some practical tips when you finally decide to come down and file your registration to PRC:

Important Offices:

a. Office of the Asst. Secretary >>> 3F – Main Building

b. Notary Public >>> 2F – Main Building

c. Registration Division (Window 28) >>> GF – Main Buidling

d. Cashier >>> GF – Main Building (outside)

e. Records Division (Window H) >>> GF – Annex: Customer Service Center (outside)

f. Metered Documentary Stamp >>> GF – Annex: Customer Service Center (outside)

For the first timers in PRC grounds, Annex:Customer Service Center is immediately after the Entrance Gate. Main Building sa dulo, pagpasok.


1. Make sure that your APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION WITHOUT EXAMINATION Form is completely filled-up. You need to write down your Cedula Details.

Form is is available in 3F-Main Building. Or you can download at

2. Staple all zeroxed copies of requirements together with the Originals of notarized CPE Certificate; NBI Clearance; and, Surety Bond.

Another source of P20k-Surety Bond for 3years = P2,200 @ 687-5393 Look for Nancy/Malou

@ 902 Megaplaza at the back of Robinsons Galleria

Code: REBAP-Ortigas or REBAP

Present your Cedula at pwede mo nang hintayin ang policy!

Or you can ask Nancy that your policy be mailed para hindi ka na pumunta.

3. Indicate on top of the PERMANENT EXAMINATION & REGISTRATION RECORD Card … “For Real Estate Broker”.

Card is available in 3F-Main Building.

4. Come in a very comfortable but decent attire. You may bump to PRB-RES Commissioner Fajardo just like CRB Romy and CRB Albert did yesterday. Take into consideration: walang elevator at 2 buildings ang babalik-balikan.

Registration Process:

i. Documents Pre-Qualification @ 3F – Main Building > Office of the Asst Secretary. Walang upuan dito kaya tiis ka nakatayo habang bigay ang docs mo one-by-one. If you followed #2-above, mas mabilis ang pag-tingin sa docs mo.

If docs are complete, you’ll be given the


Fill-up the Card somewhere else after … kasi masikip sa 3F

ii. Proceed to Registration Division (Window 28) @ GF

If your DTI Record is with them, they’ll validate your Exam Rating as you’ve written on the Form.

Also, yung picture na ididikit mo sa Card, pwede ka na hingi paste sa counter kung wala dala.

If your DTI Record is not there, you’ll have to go out to Annex: Customer Service Center

and proceed to Records Division – Window H. Once verified, you’ll have to return to Window 28.

iii. Get your Documentary Stamp @ GF – Annex: Customer Service Center.

Prepare ka exact P 210.00.

iv. Go to Cashier @ GF – Main Building (outside).

Prepare ka exact P 900.00.

v. Go to Natary Public @ 2F – Main Building.

Prepare ka exact P 50.00

vi. Lastly proceed to 3F – Main Building > Office of the Asst Secretary

to submit everything … notarized Form, registered Card, verified rating,

doc stamp and paid registration.

In return for everything,


Take this home, fill-up and use for License follow-up after 3 months.

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