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here’s an article and a video from Makati Business Club from a year ago and despite the calamities the country experienced in 2013, the facts remain the same on the optimistic views of both foreign and local business community …..  a lot of positive news have happened since then but then again, we realize that there are still a lot of changes that need to be made, both the goverment and specially the filipino people.

it puzzles me why filipinos are great achievers abroad !  we even follow simple traffic laws, giving way to pedestrians, throwing garbage where it belongs, not polluting the rivers but those cases don’t happen here.  most say that the answer is IMPLEMENTATION, well that’s something that’s being addressed specially in the course of Businesses where the Bureau of Internal Revenue has definitely made itself VISIBLE to everyone.

it’s now february 2o14 and the 2016 elections are not too far away.  let’s hope and pray that the filipino people would now choose qualified and reputable government officials ( why can’t a law degree be a pre-requisite to be a government official ??? why ??? )  for the next government as that is the major question that foreign investors are concerned about, what happens after President Pinoy ?

Makati Business Club

18 January 2013 – As the international community sees Asia as the world’s emerging growth center, the Philippines is taking its place as one of the fastest-growing economies in the region. In a video presentation produced by the Asia Business Channel for Channel News Asia, President Benigno Aquino clearly captured the country’s renewed optimism: “The Philippines has had so much potential, still has so much potential, and now, finally, the potential is being realized.”

“The Philippines Moves Forward” highlights developments in the Philippines in the first two years of the Aquino administration, its accomplishments so far, and the remaining challenges to surmount. Featuring interviews with prominent Filipino figures, such as President Aquino, Secretary to the Cabinet Rene Almendras, Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, and top officials of the Makati Business Club, chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr. and co-vice chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, the program focuses on the country’s strong macroeconomics, positive political environment, and active private sector as catalysts for sustained growth. The program also discusses prospects in selected high-potential areas of the economy—human capital, higher education institutions, hydrocarbon resources, and tourism.

here’s a video clip from makati business club highlighting the bright side of Philippine prospects, to view the video, click on the link below :

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