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The Philippine economy is on the rise, inspite of lower growth earnings projected for 2016, the Philippines still is ahead of it’s neighboring ASEAN countries.  What’s astonishing is the pace of the growth. The Philippines missed several global recessions and has only had three years of negative GDP growth since the 1960s. To put that into perspective, the United States had seven over the same time period.  A lot of this is due to the country’s large services ( overseas foreign workers such as seafarers, business process outsourcing, domestic maids, engineers, etc )  sector which are extremely large for an emerging market, and yet another thing that makes the Philippines different.

Low labor costs combined with a high degree of English efficiency and tech proficiency have led major foreign conglomerates to open shop in the Philippines, bringing capital and employment opportunities with them, contributing to the Philippines’ growth. The country’s talent is perhaps its most valuable resource.  However, we still have a lot of work, i mean a “lot of work” to increase Foreign Direct Investments in the country !  Hopefully, Bureaucracy can be reduced to fast track this important variable !

Anyway, here some videos on how the rest of the world views us as an “Investment Haven” ! As mentioned in my previous blogs, sustained growth translates to increase capitalization on INFRASTRUCTURE, POWER GENERATION, AGRICULTURE, to name a few but  GOOD GOVERNANCE is a must !  A Good, Honest, Credible, and Decisive Government is what we need and that is also what  the World wants to see !

Please take note that the 2016 elections is critical to the continuity of this growth so please vote wisely !   To view the videos, click on the links below :

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