Puerto Princesa, Palawan – Great for Tourism Development





Location :  Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Lot Area = 70,000 square meters

Price = Php 1,500.00 per square meter

Details :  Beautiful cove with wide beachfront located near Underground River.  Clean Title !

Description of the property:
–        Terrain- Mostly flat, planted with coconut trees.  The fourth lot slopes upward for a nice view of the cove.
–        Frontage- about 200 meter beachfront
–        White sand no rocks.
–        The property faces south west.
–        The beach is in a deep cove that is semi-enclosed, almost like a big lagoon. Very protected.
–        The cove is very quite
–        West side of Palawan.  West of Puerto Princessa.
–        Near the Underground River
–        Closer to Sabang, Palawan going toward San Vicente
–        FLY on major airlines to Puerto Princessa, Palawan
–        DRIVE 1 and half hours on concrete roads from Puerto Princessa airport to the port of Sabang.
–        BOAT 45 minute slow banka ride (speed boat would take 15 minutes) from the port of Sabang to the property.
–        Road connecting Sabang and San Vicente has been approved.
o    San Vicente’s airport is closer to Sabang, maybe 45 minutes by land.
o    Electricity will follow.
–        Sabang area
    The port of Sabang is well developed, it is the jumping off point to the underground river.
  800 to 1,600 tourist daily to the underground river.
       Most tourists go for the day.  (Lack of Resorts.)
  Two super long Zip Lines
  ATV tours
  SM has also bought in the area.
  Sabang cove- nice white.
  Century Properties has just bought property in Sabang
Versus San Vicente:
   San Vicente Prices
  Lowest- Php3,000 per square meter
–        None at the moment.
o    Solar power is used abundantly.
o    LPG aircons
–        There are plans to electrify the underground river, this would give access for the property to hook up to the grid
– Access to spring water. Property has a deep well.

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