North Luzon Expressway – Speed Limit


The past few weeks, i have been navigating through North Luzon Expressway, the worst experience was when they had to close the expressway from both entry points coming from Balintawak and Mindanao Avenue as the floods caused by the recent “HABAGAT” made the roads unpassable, like impossible !  Not even busses or 10 wheeler trailer could pass then.

This was widely broadcast at televisions and you tube videos became viral.  For us, it was just frustrating as we felt so helpless not being able to go through NLEX for a very important matter.

For those that aren’t aware yet, the NLEX police strictly impose the “speed limit” via CCTV cameras and speed guns ( this also is imposed at the SKYWAY in the south ), and speeders are usually identified as soon as they hit the tollbooth..

So just a friendly reminder to watch your speed or be prepared to pay if you’re the type of driver who just has the “need for speed”.  I was told by a friend who drives a Ferrari that it’s worth paying the penalty s the roads are really smooth  but that’s another story……..


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