Commercial Lot Market Values – April 2016


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Here’s finally my general summary of commercial property values within Metro Manila for your reference.  CAVEAT :  I am not a licensed appraiser and base my values based on research such as actual transaction and deals and most importantly, if it’s something worth buying, we work the property.

In addition, I also consider the potential of the property based on it’ best use and what can be done to generate a moderate and consistent income on the property.  It is also important to be aware of the on going and up coming developments within the area as these are very important factors needed for a ‘Capital Appreciation’ is realized.

Please be advised that some figures i have given in a certain location may have changed recently.  As mentioned, it took me eight months to finalize this summary of market values as the figures are consistently changing.  Please feel free to send an email should price be updated.


( take note that some locations are busier while the other area isn’t as prime, that is the reason for disparity on prices.   )

Amang Rodriguez                    45T/m2           55T/m2

Annapolis Street                      150T/m2         175/m2

A.Bonifacio Avenue                 25T/m2           30T/m2

Adriatico Street                        140T/m2         175T/m2

Aguinaldo Highway                 12.5T/m2        30T/m2

Aguirre Avenue                        50T/m2            60T/m2

Alabang Zapote Road             35T/m2           80T/m2

Anonas Street                           45T/m2            55T/m2

Araneta Avenue                       35T/m2           50T/m2

Aseana City                               135T/m2          150T/m2

Aurora Boulevard                    80T/m2          100T/m2

Ayala Avenue                           450T/m2         550T/m2

Baler Street                              40T/m2           60T/m2

Balete Drive                             40T/m2           65T/m2

Banawe Avenue                       65T/m2           85T/m2

Banlat Road                             20T/m2           25T/m2

Binondo                                    130T/m2          200T/m2

Boni Avenue                            55T/m2           70T/m2

Brixton Avenue                       85T/m2           110T/m2

Buendia Avenue                     150T/m2        250T/m2

Aguirre Avenue                      45T/m2          55T/m2

Banawe Street                        90T/m2          125T/m2

Bonifacio Global City            450T/m2       550T/m2

Buendia Ave ( near CBD )    200T/m2      300T/m2

C6 ( Taguig ), titled               12T/m2          14T/m2

Carriedo, Quiapo                   60T/m2          65T/m2

Cayetano Ave ( Levi Mariano ) 35T/m2     50T/m2

Commerce Road, Alabang    80T/m2        90T/m2

Commonwealth Avenue        35T/m2        45T/m2

Congressional Avenue           50T/m2         60T/m2

Corazon de Jesus, SJ                30T/m2      35T/m2

C Raymundo Avenue               50T/m2       65T/m2

D Tuazon                                  38T/m2         50T/m2

Daang Hari                              25T/m2          35T/m2

Dapitan Street                          90T/m2        100T/m2

Dian Street                               45T/m2          55T/m2

Dona Soledad Avenue             30T/m2         40T/m2

Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave             35T/m2          45T/m2

E Rodriguez, La Huerta          15T/m2          20T/m2

East Avenue, QC                      65T/m2           80T/m2

East Capitol Drive                   85T/m2          100T/m2

East Service Road                    35T/m2          50T/m2

Echague, Quiapo                     45T/m2           55T/m2

EDSA, Caloocan                     85T/m2           100T/m2

EDSA, Cubao                          90T/m2           120T/m2

EDSA, San Juan                      175T/m2         250T/m2

EDSA, Makati                          65T/m2           150T/m2

EDSA, Mandaluyong              130T/m2         150T/m2

EDSA, Pasay                            100T/m2         120T/m2

Espana                                      70T/m2           100T/m2

E Rodriguez Jr ( C5 )              90T/m2           120T/m2

E Rodriguez Sr                        80T/m2           100T/m2

Esteban Abada                         25T/m2           35T/m2

Evangelista Street                    65T/m2           75T/m2

F B. Harrison                            60T/m2           70T/m2

Filinvest Corporation City      135T/m2        150T/m2

Governor’s Drive                      8.5T/m2          15T/m2

Greenfield, Sta Rosa                140T/m2

Horseshoe Village                    70T/m2           85T/m2

Imelda Avenue                         45T/m2           60T/m2

Intramuros                               45T/m2           70T/m2

J P Rizal, Makati                      80T/m2           100T/m2

J P Rizal, Marikina                   35T/m2           45T/m2

J Abad Santos, SJ                     45T/m2           55T/m2

Jupiter Street                           175T/m2         225T/m2

Kalayaan Road, QC                 45T/m2           60T/m2

Kalayaan Road, Makati          95T/m2           120T/m2

Kamagong Street                     70T/m2           85T/m2

Kamias Road                           45T/m2           60T/m2

Kamuning Road                      60T/m2           70T /m2

Katipunan Avenue                   100T/m2         150T/m2

Lantana Street                          55T/m2           65T/m2

Legaspi Village                         400T/m2         425T/m2

Lacson Street, UST                  100T/m2         120T/m2

Libertad Street                         40T/m2           55T/m2

Makati Avenue                         275T/m2         325T/m2

Malugay Street                         35T/m2           45T/m2

Marcos Highway                      22T/m2           45T/m2

MacArthur Highway                25T/m2           30T/m2

Metropolitan Avenue               60T/m2           75T/m2

Mindanao Avenue                    65T/m2           90T/m2

N Domingo                                 75T/m2           95T/m2

Neopolitan Business Park       30T/m2           35T/m2

Nueve de Pebrero                     55T/m2           65T/m2

Ortigas Avenue, San Juan      150T/m2         200T/m2

Outlook Dr., Baguio                 8T/m2             12T/m2

Panay Avenue                            80T/2              100T/2

Pasig Boulevard                        80T/m2           95T/m2

Pasong Tamo                            80T /m2          100T/m2

Pasong Tamo Ext                     140T/m2         175T/m2

P Guevarra                               70T/m2           90T/m2

P Tuason                                  45T/m2           70T/m2

Panay Avenue                          65T/m2           85T/m2

Pasay Road ( SSH )                70T/m2           140T/m2

Pasay Road ( CBD )                135T/m2         180T/m2

Pinaglabanan Street              40T/m2           55T/m2

Pioneer Street                          25T/m2         150T/m2

Poblacion, Makati                    0T/m2           60T/m2

Polaris Street, Makati             120T/m2        140T/m2

President Avenue                     38T/m2           45T/m2

Quezon Avenue                       110T/m2         140T/m2

C Recto, Quiapo                        75T/m2           85T/m2

Quirino Highway                     25T/m2           50T/m2

Ramon Magsaysay                   50T/m2           75T/m2

Regalado Avenue                     35T/m2           40T/m2

Reposo Street                           80T/m2           95T/m2

Retiro Street                             70T/m2           85T/m2

Roces Avenue                           65T/m2           80T/m2

Roosevelt Avenue                    50T/m2           60T/m2

Roxas Boulevard                     120T/m2         150T/m2

Salcedo Village                        375T/m2         400T/m2

Sauyo Road                              12T/m2           20T/m2

Session Road                           90T/m2           100T/m2

Sta Mesa Heights                     60T/m2           85T/m2

Santolan Avenue                      70T/m2           85T/m2

Shaw Boulevard                       85T/m2           100T/m2

Sheridan Street                        120T/m2         135T/m2

Singalong Street                       35T/m2           45T/m2

Sta Rosa Tagaytay Road         22T/m2           35T/m2

Sucat Road                                55T/m2           75T/m2

Sumulong Highway                 25T/m2           35T/m2

Susano Road                             15T/m2           20T/m2

Tandang Sora Avenue             55T/m2           80T/m2

Taft Avenue, Manila                85T/m2           110T/m2

Taft Avenue, Pasay                  60T/m2           70T/m2

Tagaytay Calamba Road         15T/m2           20T/m2

Tagaytay Nasugbu Road         8T/m2             12T/m2

Tagaytay ( Ridge Side )          15T/m2           20T/m2

Tandang Sora Avenue            35T/m2           40T/m2

Timog Avenue                         110T/m2         135T/m2

Tomas Morato                         120T/m2         150T/m2

United Street                           90T/m2           110T/m2

Qurino Avenue                        65T/m2           75T/m2

Quirino Highway                     18T/m2           35T/m2

Visayas Avenue                        50T/m2           65T/m2

Vito Cruz Ext                           75T/m2           90T/m2

West Avenue                           75T/m2           85T/m2

West Capitol Drive                 75T/m2           90T/m2

West Service Road                 35T/m2           50T/m2

Wilson Street                           135T/m2         150T/m2

Valenzuela City                        7.5T/m2          9T/m2

Zabarte Road                           15T/m2           20T/m2

Zobel St, Makati                      25T/m2           45T/m2

Should you need a property appraised for current market value or simple in the market for something to invest on, please email me the following :

  1. exact address or area preferred
  2. lot area ( desired )
  3. vacant or leased out
  4. indicative selling or buying price
  5. number of bedroom
  6. end use or as a rental proper

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