How’s the Philippine Real Estate Market ?

questions 3The Philippine Real Estate  Market continues to be very active with property values reaching all time highs.   Below are issues that are of concern to all  that are involved in this industry :

1) Is there a Property Bubble ?

2) What are the realistic market values of properties in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors given the different locations the properties are located at ?  ( I have been working to finalize the summary of residential subdivisions and it’s taking longer than i thought it should due to the fast changing market but i hope to have it out  soon ).

3) What are the new tax laws that one should know as what was once beneficial to an individual / corporation may not be so today ?

4) Where should one invest ? ( Location, industry, trend …. )

It’s been awhile since I’ve done my real estate market update and it’s interesting to note that there has been much much change since then ( the last one was right after the Presidential Election) from property values, interest rates, stock market index, and the philippine credit rating.  Anyway, I hope to come up with one soon due to the  issues mentioned above that my friends have been asking for.

Have a great day ….

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