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hello everyone,

i am currently upgrading my website so i’ve created this temporary blogsite to keep you posted on current real estate market here in the philippines and the international market as well as i will soon be marketing international properties in my company’s portfolio.

as you may well know, the whole global economy is dependent on each other as we have experienced during the asian crisis of 1997, the global meltdown september 2009, the new york stock market computer gliche sometime april 2009  and recently the european crisis which caught all of us in surprise.

i will keep you posted on both the local and international market through our research and development team and we hope that this would be useful for your investment decision either for growth or preservation of capital.

this blog site’s intention is to keep everyone informed on current and past issues about real estate, laws, practices, opportunities, cases, and my genuine concern about our fast deteriorating environment.

should you have any comments on how i could improve our services, please email me at [email protected].  i thank y0u and hope you enjoy my blogsite.  warmest regards.

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