Happy New Year !


hello everyone,

wishing everyone a Great Year ahead, 2013 promises to be an absolutely positive year for the Philippines in almost aspect !

all show growth ( hopefully not just gradual but astronomical figures that would amaze our fellow countrymen and make the whole world realize, the Philippines is coming of age, long time coming  !

let’s all hope and pray that our government continues and better yet, improve on it’s performance, as a vital ingredient of our continued growth depends on their programs, visions and of course, the implementation of these.

as we finish off these banner year for the Philippines, take note of the following positive figures the country can be proud of :

1) credit upgrades by all financial credit institutions, the Philippines should be an “investment grade” by next year !

2) stock market at an all time high ( think 6500 would be a realistic figure for 2013 )

3) overseas remittances up inspite of the global woes happening, take note that the Philippines is primarily a country which is “service oriented”.

4) Business Process Outsourcing is up, however, due to to the continuing appreciation and of the Philippine Peso and the devaluation of the Indian Rupi, these pose a challenge for the BPO industry ( let’s hope that this situation will be addressed ).  Continuous & upgraded training on industry must be taken to a new level

5) Philippine Peso at an all time high.  The Banko Sentral is spending tons of money to keep the Philippine Peso stable but it’s not that easy with more investors coming in with foreign direct investment ( fdi ) and overseas foreign remittances continuing to grow.  Hats off to BSP governor and his constituents for a job well done.

6) Philippine Governance has done exceptionally well in reducing the world’s outlook as the Philippines being one of the most corrupt countries in the world ( corruption will take time to be eliminated if ever, but nevertheless, everything starts with the first step and that has already been done, in fact the momentum is so strong.  For those that still have that crab mentality that corruption will never disappear, you’re probably right, the thing is, a small percentage ( no matter how small it is ) eliminated will do wonders for the country and hopefully reduce poverty.  On another note, crab mentality can be substituted with pride amongst ourselves, notice how much pride the Singaporeans, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian people have, it’s never too late.  Remember we were the Tiger Country in 60s.

7) Real Estate is doing well and has reached all time highs in most areas, however, we must provide ways to control and reduce an upcoming bubble by creating laws on foreign and local investments just like what our neighboring countries such as Singapore, China and Thailand has done.  Anyway, we professional real estate brokers are here for the long run and it’s imperative that this become an important advocacy !

8) Tourism is up and will continue to grow as the world digests that “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.  Mind you, we’ve got so so much to work on, specially our medical tourism and retirement villages !  Let’s respect the foreign nationals that continue to have confidence in our country, government and economy !  We really need them more than they need us.

9) Green Revolution is in as we can see from existing and upcoming developments !  Let’s support this movement as we only have one Earth, don’t you wish our children and children’s grandchildren to live in a world free of pollution hazards ?

10) overseas foreign workers demand will continue to grow as the world’s aging population will need our skilled fellowmen ( nurses, engineers, seamen, domestic helpers, etc ).  more ofws mean increased overseas remittances which translates to increased consumer spending whichthen  flows to real estate, retail, food establishments and other goods parallel to these industries.

this isn’t my real estate market update for 2012 and forecast yet ( as you noticed, i don’t have financial figures), just some quick thoughts of the year gone by.

again, i, my family and staff, thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to reaching new heights this 2013 !

happy new year and may God Bless Us All always !!!

robert g sarmiento



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