What is Deuterium ?


here”s an article on Deuterium dated November 23, 2010, maybe it’s a dream to achieve pursuing but i’ve googled it and there are notable parties that are keen on pursuing it, here’s the article for your reference :


Here’s an eye opening article on Deuterium and why vast deposits of it found in the deep trenches of Philippine waters can actually make the Philippines a very rich country.   So aside from the vast deposits of oil we have, could this be another reason why this country called “China” insists on their rights on Philippine waters ?   The question is, why hasn’t anything materialized in all these years despite feasibility studies, conferences, and investment missions, probably greed on our politicians  ??? Or it is viable or possible at all ?

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Hydrogen is unique in that it has three isotopes which are named. Deuterium is one of the isotopes of hydrogen. It has one proton and one neutron. The most common isotope of hydrogen is protium, which has one proton and no neutrons. Because deuterium contains a neutron, it is more massive or heavier than protium, so it is sometimes called heavy hydrogen.

Deuterium Facts

  • The chemical symbol for deuterium is D. Sometimes the symbol 2H is used.
  • Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen.
  • The natural abundance of deuterium in the ocean is approximately 156.25 ppm, which is one atom in 6,400 of hydrogen.
  • The name for deuterium comes from the Greek word deuteros, which means “second”. This is in reference two the two particles, a proton and a neutron, which make up the nucleus of a deuterium atom.
  • A deuterium nucleus is termed a deuteron or deuton.
  • Deuterium is used as a tracer, in nuclear fusion reactors and to slow down neutrons in heavy water moderated fission reactors.

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