Condominium Certificate of Title – New Look

With reference to an old post ( )  i did sometime ago with regards to detecting fake title, this is to update you on the new look of a Condominium Certificate of Title ( a document issued by the Land Registration Authority ) for owning condominiums in the Philippines.  for land title, it’s Transfer Certificate of Title that’s issued by the Register of Deeds.

please be informed that most government institutions are now computerized ( this actually caused delay in issuance of documents such as certified true copies of land titles, condo titiles, tax declarations ) as quite a number of existing employees weren’t as computer literate.

the purpose of the new look is for forgeries of fake title to be eliminated or minimized !  you will notice following changes ( longer title number, bar code at the bottom left, serial numbers on top left is a bar code too, another bar code on the lower right, and of course the paper being used is special ).  aside from title, this then is also encoded at the Land Registration Authrority and is also tied up with the Assessor’s Office for authenticity.

we’re still in the process of figuring out ways of how one can detect faking this new formal of Transfer Certificate of Title / Condominium Certificate of Title but given the above precautions, it will be quite a task to get a away with.

thanks for your time and till the next post …


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