Rizal Memorial Coliseum Stadium to Move to Clark Air Base ?


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Here’s an article from PhilBoxing.com’s correspondent, Eddie Alinea on Philippine Sport’s Commission chair, Ritchie Garcia welcoming the idea of Rizal Coliseum Sports Complex to be moved outside of Manila.  As an avid sports fan, i’ve seen the decline in our athlete’s performance in the Olympics and it’s really frustrating.  How could our athletes compete when our facilities are so old and aren’t subsidized ? ( i am talking NATIONWIDE ).  In comparison to our neighboring countries such as Thailand, their funding appropriation for athletes ( from kid level up ) and the modern equipments used at their facilities are substantially much more prioritized by the government and  reaches out to the outskirts ( definitely not the case here in the Philippines, we know where those funds end up with ).   Imagine an athlete from Visayas or Mindanao, a young kid who excels say in track an field, the facilities they have in Visayas or Mindanao will never get that athlete to world class competition given the sports equipments available at that facility.  That’s the reason why some of our successful athletes train abroad because they are not only funded by a private group but also have access to the modern equipments and knowledgeable coaches / trainers.

Just  look back at our athlete’s performance in  all the ASEAN Games from 1980 to the present, it’s really a pity how our athletes have performed inspite of the “training” they had and of course the end result that matters, we end up with no medals or  just a few medal.  It’s really just a few competition where we excel such as boxing, wushu and recently, taekwando.   We’ve got athletes that have heart to compete for our country, however, how can they compete at the highest level when the facilities aren’t updated and even the coaches aren’t well equipped to train them ?

There are still issues to be  settled on this move of RMSC but Congressman Yeng Guiao ( of Pampanga ) has already offered a portion of Clark Air Base for the proposed sports facility.  This is a great vision which would help our current and more importantly our future olympic athletes.  Let’s hope that this dream becomes a reality and that any political issues that may arise with the corresponding government bodies involved would be resolved immediately.   There’s just too much politics in this country.

As i mentioned, this country has to be ruled by an iron fist such as Lee Kuan Yew or someone like him and of course, our charter constitution has to be ratified as there are important factors that foreign investors require in order to bring in Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) into the country.  Inspite of all this upgrades by Moody’s and Standard and Poor putting the Philippines in the “investment level”, we still are almost at the bottom of our neighboring ASEAN countries when it comes to incoming FDIs.  Take note that this BPOs and OFW remittances doesn’t trickle down and give jobs to the mass people which are the C and D markets.

Well, let’s all hope that this world class sports facility now being discussed by parties concerned progresses for the good of the country.

Thanks and good day.

PSC’s Garcia welcomes moving RMSC outside of Manila


“It’s about time.”

This was how Philippine Sports Commission chair Ritchie Garcia reacted to reports of building a complex outside Metro Manila to replace the 80-year-old Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

”It’s about time to move out of Rizal if we really want them to train our athletes and improve on their skills under the most favorable circumstances,” Garcia said during last Saturday’s SCOOP on Air program aired over DZEC Radio Agila.

“Rizal Memorial has turned out to be not conducive to our athletes’ health because of the atmosphere and environment that surround it.

Grabe na ang polusyon at napakarami nang mga bagay na nakaka-distract sa ating atleta na tuloy at hindi maka-concentrate sa kanilang training.”

“It’s really time that we build a complex-cum training center in the province that’s why I’m glad hearing Cong. Yeng Guiao (of Pampanga), who is offering a portion of the Clark Air Base as site of the proposed sports facility,” the PSC top honcho commented.

Garcia said members of the board of commissioners, its counterparts in the Philippine Olympic committee, headed by its president, Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, and other stakeholders will be meeting with Guiao, who is also the coach of Rain or shine in the PBA, and the Clark Air Base management on Tuesday to explore on how to go about constructing the complex.

Garcia added the amount to be generated from the proposed sale of the Rizal Sports Complex, the first complete stadium in Asia built in 1934 when the country hosted the 10th and last Far Eastern Games, acknowledged as the forerunner of the now Asian Games, can be used to initially fund the construction.

“That is if the sale of Rizal materializes. Kung hindi naman because there are many who are oppose to the idea of selling, we can tap the private sector, especially the corporate world to help. After all this is for our athletes, in particular, and sports, in general,” he explained.

“Those opposed to selling the RMSC, according to Garcia, expressed fears that selling constitutes desecration of the rich memory and tradition Asia’s oldest stadium has brought.

“To allay their fears, what I’m thinking is not to totally destroy the structures within the stadium. We, for instance, could preserve the sanctity, say of the Coliseum by retaining its facade and naming it after one of the prospective donors. Like what they did in Rome,” Garcia said. “Hindi naman nila sinira ang site of the First Olympic Games when time came it’s no longer of use. They retained the structure.”

Garcia, at the same time, announced that a five man management committee has been jointly formed by the POC and PSC to ,make a study on what went wrong in the country’s participation in the last Asian Games aimed at not repeating them in next year’s Southeast Asian Games in Singapore.

“We’re starting this early because the SEA Games will be held earlier than usual in June,” he explained. “Members of the MANCOM has been meeting regularly, first to determine what the criteria to use for an athlete to make it to the national delegation.”

The PSC head was referring to wushu’s Julian Camacho as MANCOM head, and Mauricio “Moying” Martelino of SBP, Jonee Go of canoe-kayak and himself as members.

Again, thanks Eddie Alinea for this article.

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