City of Mandaluyong – Assessor’s Office

when  a Buyer’s offer is accepted by a Seller, the documents are  then made available for due diligence by the Buyer.

last monday, a network of mine had to get Certified True Copies of a Tax Declaration and TAx Clearance of a condominium she was selling.   the Certified True Copy of Condominium Certificate of Title,  Condominium Certificate of Management and Certificate Authorizing Registration from the purchase of the property ( if applicable then ) will also be required for the transfer of title to the new owner.

anyway, going into the assessor’s office, a liason person would need an authority to transact from the registered owner allowing him / her to get the necessary documents ( certified ture copy of tax declaration and tax clearance ).

this is give a hand to the assessor’s office and land tax division of city of mandaluyong for being so efficient as both the documents were given in 25 minutes !  that is EFFICIENCY !

i will post a sales process in my blog but you can actually search it in my newsletters.

thanks and have a great day.



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