Best Houses and Lots – February 3, 2012



belair  la= 559, fa=962 @ Php 70M

belair  la= 600 @ Php 60M

bel-air la=840 @ Php 84M

bel-air la=516 @ Php 49M

dasmarinas village la= 1540m2, fa=1200 @ Php 185M, 6br, pool

dasmarinas village  la=1547, fa=800 @ 185M, 9br, pool

dasmarinas village la=588 @ 85M, 4br, pool

dasmarinas village la=3117 @ 468M, 6br, pool

forbes park  la=2200 @ Php 300M + vat, 5br/ba

forbes park  la=2287, fa=2503 @ Php 345M

forbes park la=2336 @ Php 350M

forbes park la=5350 @ Php 500M

magallanes la=330, fa=500 @ Php 28M

san lorenzo 750m2 @ Php 78T/m2

san miguel  325m2 @ Php 25M

urdaneta village 1155m2 @ Php 200M, nice house

urdaneta village 1100m2 @ Php 110M

san miguel village – la=325 @ 24M, 3br, A1 condition


valle verde  la=432m2 @ Php 54M, brand new

valle verde  la=387m2 @ Php 28M

valle verde  la=448m2 @ Php 32M, 3sty

valle verde  la=1088m2 @ Php 85M

valle verde  la=1348m2 @ Php 52T/m2

valle verde  la=435 @ 45M, 4br, 5yr old


acropolis  la=300, fa=500 @ Php 42M, nice house

blue ridge la=504 @ Php 23M

corinthian hill  la=345 @ Php 45M

corinthian garden la=900m2 @ Php 95M

greenmeadows la= 805 @ Php 55M

saint ignatius  la=440, fa=650 @ Php 20M

white plains la=780 @  Php 50M

white plains la=500 @ Php 40M

white plains la=400 @ Php 56M, new

arcadia – la=788 @ php 58M, 4br

la vista la=1630 @ Php 40M

ayala heights la=425 @ Php 28M


greenhills la=734 @ Php 75M

greenhills la=1200 @ Php 130M, w/ pool

addition hills = la=691, fa=900 @ Php 55M, 5br

addition hills la=691, fa=900 @ 55M, must see !


mandaluyong  1684m2 @ Php 68M

wack wack la=2766 @ 75T/m2


mckinley hill LA=190m2 @ Php 35M, nice house


cinco hermanos, marikina  la=675 @ Php 18M, w/ house


ayala alabang  la=750 @ Php 48M

ayal alabang la=350 @ PHp 20M

ayala alabang la=1276 @ Php 65M, 5br, pool

for further details, please email or call me at my office.

thanks and regards.

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2 thoughts on “Best Houses and Lots – February 3, 2012”

  1. bernie concepcion

    robert this is your classmate bernie concepcion. remember me? am putting my house on the market and but a smaller house. daughter got married and moved away with hubby. our needs have changed. my home is in urdaneta village makati. lot area 1370 m2 floor area i think its 1200m2, 3 levels (basement).

    am looking preferably just a vacant lot in bel air. im ok with 550 – 750 m2. the bel air beside rockwell. am also ok with an old house and may demolish and rebuilt. that is my preference.

    1. hi bernie,
      of course i remember you, lots of good memories when we were kids. am definitely interested to market your house, let me know when we could meet so i could view your property. my contact numbers are at my website )( ). all the best and merry christmas to you and your family.

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