Air Traffic Problems at NAIA ???

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I am currently researching the real reasons why NAIA Airport continues to experience what everybody is made to believe, “air traffic congestion” !   What we are made to believe is there are just too many flights due to increase in economic activity and another is we are losing our seasoned air traffic controllers due to better paying jobs abroad.

This so called Air Traffic problems happens not only in the Philippines but in other countries / airports as well but the big difference lies is solution to the problems.  THEY DO, WE DON’T !

So why aren’t they pursuing the option of diverting flights to Clark  International Airport or even proceeding with the offer of  investors to build a new airport ?   Sometimes the reasons are on a need to know basis and is only available to a few ! This is frustrating as not only we, as individuals are affected but the whole country and our economy as well !

As mentioned in one of my blogs, I too experienced an unfortunate incident wherein our flight from Palawan to Manila was kept flying for two hours above NAIA Airport  and the plane went through a severe “turbulence”.  Our plane literally dropped three times ! For your info, “Severe turbulence” is defined as the “aircraft may momentarily depart from  a controlled flight” which means you and the pilot just both became passengers. What a scary predicament to be in !

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What happened to the proposed  international airport plan in Sangley Point, Cavite City?

Also, is what they call expanded ” NO FLY ZONE” really the issue ???

Will keep you posted as I continue my search for answers …

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