Advantages of Green Architecture

here’s an old post about Green Architecture for your reference.  LEED Buildings are nor becoming more and more visible !  it’s good to know that awareness is spreading out…

Green Architecture refers to the latest style in architecture that believes in building that are environmentally friendly by using bio-degradable material, using green construction which does not waste water or energy consumption and also are green when it comes to maintenance and everyday running. These building do not pose any threat to the environment in any way, which means they do not emit pollutant in any way, have a method where they recycle all waste products and provide a healthy environment for the occupants or residents.

This desire for Green Architecture emerged when some intelligent researchers and architects realized that very soon all natural resources are going to run dry and mankind will go extinct. This created a need to go green in every sphere of life, including architecture. These building not only save energy, fuel and water but constantly produce new as well by recycling, rain water harvesting and using recycled water for toilet flushed etc. They also sometimes have an outer covering or shell to keep out or maintain the heat and reduce the load on the air-conditioning system, hence conserving energy.

Few advantages of Green Architecture are optimizing the use of natural resources, causing less damage to the already quite damaged environment and utilizing the topography of a location for best usage. It also aims at reducing the cost of running for a building as it will reduce the energy consumption and provide the occupants with a healthier environment as it ensures fresh natural light as well as ventilation. This is a responsible choice by few responsible individuals which needs to be adopted by all for a better tomorrow.

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